QoL Monitor is an Android application developed to collect contextual and health data from users. In the current version, we collect sociodemographic and anthropometric data, sleep duration, daily steps, calories spent, physical activities, heart rate, location, apps usage time, and the number of calls made or received. To do that, it was necessary to integrate our app with the Google Fit API. Thus, users who participate in this study can use different wearables as long as they are integrated with the Google Fit account.

Since we are looking to validate the creation of intelligent models to infer users' QoL, it will be necessary for them to answer questionnaires informing their QoL perception periodically. We are working to reduce the use of these questionnaires. However, today, they are our best alternative to calibrate our machine learning models, as they have been validated with many participants in different countries.

Accessing the following link you can get QoL Monitor tutorial: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1-d0-4FoKUMFiHDauIyXMnYpaDtCG6D9R4kTk2AM_5zY/edit?usp=sharing

QoL Monitor is part of a PhD project conducted by Pedro Almir M. de Oliveira.

This project was already approved on the university ethics committee.

Registration in the ethics committee - CAAE 56153322.0.0000.5054 - Legal opinion number 5.282.056